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What is the reason why Rolex Submariner are so hot?

         Speaking of the green Rolex submariner watches, there is no more than two topics: the tight market and the increasing price. Submariner is a Rolex wristwatch launched in 2010, and now it almost takes the market by storm. There’s no idea when submariner has been in short supply and when the price has been rising.

     Looking back on that a wristwatch was charged at $9,000 or even $8,000 a few years ago, now it has been driven up to a high price of over $13,000 that is hard to buy for $30,000. The market is changed. So why does the submariner can achieve such a high price? What are the the reasons for its popularity?

1. The brand of Rolex

      Rolex, the name of the brand, is attractive enough to the customers. And the submariner, as the featured product of Rolex, naturally catches many watch enthusiasts’ fancy. It’s a product that can grace and dignify you.

2. Highly attractive and fancy look

      Although the submariner chooses a taboo color that Chinese people try to avoid – green, it must be admitted that green  as Rolex's brand color is successfully used in the submariner indeed. The emerald green ceramics circle and the green gold dial decorate the submariner as fancy and good-looking. It can even be recognized as Rolex submariner a few meters away.

3. Hunger Marketing
        Hunger marketing plays a crucial role in the popularity of the submariner. The serious shortage of submariner is not  by the lack of productivity of Rolex, but the deliberate restriction of production by the brand. If people can't buy it in the primary market, then they will focus on the secondary market. Therefore, the price of the submariner will inevitably rise in the secondary market. That’s how the "speculation" takes place.

4. Follow the wind4. The Herd Mentality
    This is a terrible point. Just like buying stocks, it is not difficult to explain why the more submariner rises, the more people rush to start, as if they can't buy, they will suffer a lot.This is a terrible thing. Just like the running after rising and falling in the stock market. It is not difficult to explain why the higher the submariner’s price rises, the more people will go after it. as if they can't buy it, they will suffer great losses.

5. High value preservation5. High Maintenance of Value
 It is undeniable that many people will regard buying watches as an investment. That’s the time we should consider the wrist watches’ maintenance of value. And submariner is a product with high maintenance of value. It is known that an intact second-hand submariner can almost be recycled at the original price. It is very worth collecting.

Well, that's basically the reasons for its popularity. In fact, it is interesting that as the demand exceeds the supply, increasing people are wearing the submariner green. So I have to mention domestic Rolex submariner.

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